Wild Beer Co MTB – Round 4

We are now on our fourth Wild Beer Co MTB. For most breweries this would be a bit over kill, but given the styles of beers Wild Beer Co make, it makes perfect sense for them to come up and hang out on an annual basis as we see their barrel aged beers evolve. It seems only yesterday that they arrived with a wooden cask with glass ends which Jamie almost smashed to pieces when he was putting the tap in. He redeemed himself by naming it Redwood, mind you.

For those of you who have attended before, you know the score. For those who haven’t, probably best you get yourselves along for a bit of chat and to hear how Brett and Andrew are building on their brewery year by year.

In a slight change to the normal proceedings, however… this year the guys had a LOT of beers so we’ve split the MTB in to two; Evolution v’s Revolution, Old Styles v’s New Styles, Core New World v’s Special/Old World,  Wild v’s House Trained, or whatever other tenuous comparison you want to make. We kinda made it up as we went along, but it was fun.

So two halves of an MTB, but each stand alone events. The first at Spit/Fire at 6.15pm to 7.45pm and the second here at 8.30pm to 10pm. Gives us a chance to saunter over via  a pub … Five beers at each event and tickets for each are £15. This is on January 25th by the way, it;s a Monday.

Bat Beer List:

1. Redwood
2. Shnoodlepip
3. Winter Blend
4. Summer Blend
5. Modus Operandi (New Blend)
6. Evolver
7. Ninkasi Premier Cru – 1 Year Aged
8. Somerset Wild
9. Sourdough – Blend 29, 1 year aged.
10. Squashed Grape
11. Blubus Maximus
12. Amuse Gooseberry
13. Amuse Rhurbarb
14. Scotch Ale – Pilot batch – another tenuous reason for doing this on Burns Night.

1. Millionaire
2. Fresh
3. Bibble
4. Madness
5. Evolver
6. III Barley Wine
7. Barrel 25 – 1 Year old blend

Spit/Fire Beer List – All keg

1. BrettBrett DIPA
2. Evolver – 1 Year Aged
3. Bibble
4. Ninkasi
5. Millionaire
6. Einsteinium
7. Hibernating Lemons
8. Epic Saison
9. New Barley Wine – ‘III’ (that’s it’s name)
10. Yadokai – Blackfriars / Hanging Bat / Nanban  / Wild Beer Co collab – Barrel Aged for 1 year.
11. Madness
12. Wildebeest

Unlike the usual format, ticket prices don’t include a four course meal, but you will be fed snacks as we go along at each venue.