Some U.S. Beer We Think You Might Like

January is now over and we’re all getting back in to the swing of not going to the gym again and giving up on giving up chocolate/booze/cheese/fun or whatever it was you decided to abstain from in order to justify getting 7 shades of fucked-up at the end of December.

To celebrate this we have some U.S beers you won’t have seen much of on draught on this side of the pond. Some of these will go on the bar on Friday Feb 5th and the rest will follow as quickly as you drink them. We were going to fill the board with them, but we were worried about getting tweets, Facebook mentions, letters, pigeons and other forms of furious communication from your spouse/mother/bank manager/psychotherapist about the state we’d allowed you to get your finances in. Most can’t afford to damage their liver on this stuff, so at least we’d be safe from your doctor’s wrath.

So we’ll chuck them in as they drop, but the full list looks like this..

Against the Grain – Grain Rico Sauvin – 7.6%
Almanac – Golden Gate Gose – 5%
Almanac – Saison Dolores – 6.8%
B.Nektar – Necromangoncon – 6%
B.Nektar – Zombie Killer – 5.5%
B.Nektar – Kill All The Golfers – 6%
Logsdon – Saizon Bretta – 8%
Logsdon – Straffe Dreiling Tripel – 8.8%
Palo Alto – Hoppy Ending – 5.5%
Palo Alto – Hostage – 8%
Pizza Port – Chronic – 5.8%
Pizza Port – Six Pilsner – 5.2%
Nebraska Brewing – Ale Storm – 5.1%
Nebraska Brewing – Cardinal Ale – 6%

We’ll also be throwing in some Lagunitas IPA/Daytime, Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter, Founders All Day IPA and some other stuff.