Koval Meet The Distiller

Chicago’s finest whisky distillers visit The Hanging Bat. 5 drinks, 3 courses, £30.

If you’ve been to our bar before, you’ll be familiar with the fact that we adore beer. You’ll also hopefully be familiar with the fact that we throw as much attention and care at sourcing and selecting our spirit range as we do our beer. In late 2014 when we decided to open our second bar we went hell for leather on tasting and exploring spirits to arrive at Spit/Fire’s final drinks offering. In amongst the haze of rye, white dog, and bourbon, Koval was the one name that shone through. The complexity and depth of their whiskies was exceptional, and the nerdy grain stuff was a huge bonus. However, this was almost all for naught, because nobody was bringing it in to the UK at that point and we had to endure all manner of jiggery-pokery to sort out a small number of bottles.

But now Emporia brands have struck a deal to import, and to celebrate, distillery founder Robert Birnecker will be in Edinburgh for one night only and we have been given the opportunity to host a Meet the Distiller with him.

For the evening we’ll have the opportunity to play about and make a drink with each of their Bourbon, Rye, Millet, and Four Grain whiskies, as well as their Dry Gin. For £30 you’ll get these drinks paired with three courses (Vince will probably find some way to smoke Millett and make it palatable), and you’ll have the opportunity to pick the brains of one of the USA’s most innovative Master Distillers. If you wake up in the morning wondering why you’ve ordered a whole bunch of copper, a small barrel, and a few kilos of quinoa that’s got absolutely nothing to do with us.

Menus will follow once we’ve confirmed what we’ll be doing. If you purchase a ticket please email beer@thehangingbat.com with any dietary requirements so we can sort something out for you ahead of time.